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Pixie is Happy Again


In November 2013, our rambunctiuos miniature dachshund, Pixie, experienced a ruptured disc, and required two emergency back surguries. Our family was devastated. We were heartbroken when the doctors informed us that Pixie had no deep pain sensation, no bladder control, and a fifty percent chance of ever walking again. And we were scared. Our dogs are our family, and now one of our family members was experiencing a major medical problem. 


Thank God for Cindy Kolb! Cindy began working with Pixie in December of 2013 and we have continued to take Pixie to Cindy two times a week since then. I cannot express our gratitude for all that Cindy has done for Pixie. Pixie has gone from being unable to stand on her own, to now being able to stand and take steps on her own. Cindy has never given up on Pixie, and more importantly, she gave our family the confidence we needed to provide Pixie with a good, quality life. Will Pixie ever be 100 percent recovered? We don't know. But with the care and compassion she receives from Cindy, Pixie is able to enjoy life with the same enthusiasm and tenaciousness she had before her ruptured disc. 



Cindy has been a true blessing to Pixie and our family. 


Trina and Stacy Payne, and of course, Pixie!

Draper, Virginia

Conner Gets His Hop Back


We came to Cindy in 2015 when our rabbit, Conner, had severe damage to his spinal chord.  A condition called fly strike caused toxic infection and paralysis.  We didn't know what to do for him and sought Cindy's advice.  Cindy performed cold laser treatments along his spine, which alleviated the inflammation.  She also worked with him to regain strength in his back.  


She was very knowledgeable and even sent us home with a detailed list of exercises.  The physical therapy sessions were instrumental in his path toward healing.  After each session we could see a huge improvement in his mobility.  We are so thankful for her dedication to our beloved bunny!  


Thank you, Cindy! 


Valerie Kinzey & boys & Connor

Catawba, VA

Kejai's Recovery


Dear Cindy,

Around Thanksgiving 2012, Kejai (‘KEY-JAY’) our 14year old cocker/lab mixed male “son” was diagnosed with ACL in his right rear limb. At first it was a noticeable limp, but in the next six weeks a significantly diminished mobility, balance, and standing tolerance during his routine grooming and feedings prompted us to contact Cindy Kolb at Appalachian Canine Therapy based upon the referral by our groomer.  After repeated Veterinary evaluations signaling surgery as the best, if not the only remedy that could return him to functional mobility, we decided that his age and the cost for “possible” gains vs. risks pointed to pursuing alternatives to surgery.

We did use Rimadyl for inflammation, but as a retired rehab therapist and pharmacy technician, we felt that canine physical therapy with Cindy was the map to follow, so it was scheduled and initiated with a guarded referral required from the attending Veterinarian.  Kejai's course of treatment included a thorough evaluation; three one hour sessions with progressive exercises, massage, stretching, electric (EMS) and cold laser interventions. Homework given by Cindy was explained and diagrammed with detailed instructions. We are delighted that by the early March appointment Kejai attained and maintains a strong, happy and flexible life post injury. He runs, jumps, and bears weight and we are so very thankful for all the gifts his return to health has inspired in all those witnessing the recovery. Cindy Kolb has a loving and honest skill that spurred the healing energies of Kejai and us to offer kudos and recommendations to her and her work for other parents of injured pets.

Jerry Duncan & Stan Guthrie Shawsville, VA
Cell: 540-838-5512

Working with Tala


My name is Adele Katrovitz and I am an Animal Control Officer in Radford VA. 

In January 2013, I met a beautiful German shepherd puppy around three months old; she was in a back yard with other dogs and appeared to be dragging herself around. After making contact with her owners and trying to assist them with care options for the puppy she was signed over to Animal control on Feb 11th 2013.  The pup was named Tala (Native American for Wolf) as I felt this sweet girl had a long and arduous journey ahead of her.

Radford rallied for this pup and with the help of Radford Humane Society and Dr Lawrence of West End Animal Clinic, Tala was x-rayed and it was discovered that her rear leg could not be saved.  Due to this useless leg, Tala had adapted as do many animals, she had completely dismissed her rear end and pulled herself around on her front legs.  As the condition had been allowed to continue for all of her short life she didn’t appear to be in distress but her body was shaped like a taco shell and she had nerve damage and scoliosis along her spine. To add to all of this she was also incontinent.

Dr Emily Lawrence performed her surgery on  Feb 13th and her useless leg was removed.  She amazed me as she continued with her happy go lucky outlook on life and poured her love on anyone who came into contact with her.

Enter the wonderful Cindy Kolb….I had an immediate connection with Cindy, her attitude and personality just make you feel like she has been a best friend for life.  Tala loved her immediately as well, we had a long way to go with Tala, but Cindy worked hard using her methods to stimulate feeling and develop muscle where it had never been.  Tala loved the laser treatment and we could see she was benefitting from them as they were occurring.

Cindy demonstrated all exercises and activities to me so as I could continue working with Tala between her visits which we both looked forward to.  Cindy also developed equipment and exercises that were tailored for Tala’s needs and a forward action plan was also put in place. Cindy helped immensely by loaning a very helpful harness with handles that enabled me to assist Tala with balance and work her muscles harder, once this harness was fitted we could see an immense improvement in balance and stamina.  

Within a week Tala was running around the yard with my other 3 dogs like she had 4 legs.  Tala is now 10 months old, she still has some issues with incontinence
but is so much better. Her mobility is beyond what I ever thought it could be.  She still wears a thunder shirt with a noodle insert to help keep her back straight as she continues to grow (another Kolb innovation).  

Cindy donated her time and expertise for free.  Tala and I will be forever grateful and would wholeheartedly recommend her services.


Here is a photo with Tala and the noodle -  a noodle was placed in her shirt to pull her spine back into alignment and to try and activate those paraspinals on that side.  It worked!  She started to gait so much better with it.  Adele would use it during a 10 min walk 2x/day.

Garus Back to Doing What He Loves


As you can see Garus has had a thing for tennis balls since he was a baby.  On December 27, 2012  (at 8 months old)  while going to catch a ball he broke his back leg in two places. He was in a cast for 8 weeks. When the cast came off he had a few sores and a lot of muscle atrophy. We slowly started doing more activity but he started to twist his knee on the once broken leg. We were concerned that he was going to do more damage to  himself so his veterinarians recommended he see a physical therapist. 
The first time we met Cindy, Garus and I were both completely at ease and comfortable. During his first laser treatment he actually fell asleep!  I have had many great dogs and loved each of  them, but Garus is to me a once in a lifetime kind of dog.  We  have a very intense bond and I am as protective of him as he is of me. Cindy was able to keep us both calm (not an easy task!) and she explained to me what we needed to do. She provided fantastic information so that I could be sure to do the exercises correctly.  She made herself available to me anytime if I needed help or had any questions. From our first meeting I trusted her completely with my dog. I would recommend her to anyone needing any type of physical therapy for their animal.  Garus is feeling better every day. He is no longer on any medication and as you can see he is once again catching tennis balls like a champ! I will be forever grateful for all your help and support!!! 

Jamie & Garus Burton
Radford VA

Happy Buddy


Dear Cindy,

Buddy, Val and I, really don't know how to thank you for everything you have done for Buddy.

After more than a year, and over  $3,000.00 later, and worst of all putting Buddy through many tests and
uncomfortable procedures, we had the good fortune to be recommended to YOU by our groomer Ms. Serena Hart of Two Ears and a Tail.

Buddy started with an occasional limp in his back right leg  and progressed over a 6 month period to not being able to walk right and having trouble getting up.
After almost 8 months of taking him to professionals and running him through various tests and different procedures, we were told to take him to a veterinary school to see if they could better determine the cause and treatments. After
another eight months of running Buddy through some of the same tests and procedures, that were very uncomfortable and expensive, we were told that he had arthritis and a hairline fracture that still hadn't healed.  

They prescribed first some laser and under water treadmill treatments that Buddy did well with, and then shockwave treatments.  The first shockwave treatment seemed to provide marked improvement.  However, contrary to recommended guidance for the shock treatments, they recommended two more treatments.  After the second shockwave treatment he did not do well at all and after the third and final treatment he could hardly walk again.  
Regrettably, we should have stopped after the first treatment because it was downhill from there.  All this along with instructions to keep him still, no running, jumping or playing lead to progressed muscle atrophy.

Then we found you Cindy. After only three sessions with you the results were remarkable. Although he does have some arthritis that slows him down when he first gets up, he very quickly runs or walks that out.  He is a much happier dog because unlike all the other veterinarians, you encouraged us to have him run and play which has made him stronger and overcome the muscle atrophy that was getting worse as the weeks went by.  He is a lot happier and he is doing much better because he is running & playing with us regularly now.  Poor boy couldn't really figure out way we wouldn't play with him anymore.   Thank you, for all that you do to help our precious pets!  

p.s.  Buddy said to let you know that he is so happy now!

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